Sean Williams, PhD

freelance translator

Excellence, reliability… and friendliness

I have been a professional translator for nine years, working in both French-English and Spanish-English. I am widely educated, with a Doctorate in Philosophy and a Master’s in Environmental Studies, and also widely read. I am thus quickly able to gain access to new fields and become comfortable with new terminologies. As a former academic, I am an experienced and skilled writer in English, an important advantage since writing facility in the target language is a key criterion for excellence in translation.

I offer competitive rates for high quality, error-free translations in fluent and literary English, as can only be provided by a translator who is also a writer. I believe you will find that my education and literary experience are an excellent guarantee of very high quality work, and that my attention to detail and thoroughness in research leads to excellent translations in all the areas I work in. I have worked extensively in academic fields such as history, sociology, psychology, and philosophy, and in the business fields of legal and contract translation, marketing, human resources, and aviation. I have translated seven books in subjects ranging from philosophy to cancer research, and have produced translations for end clients including AirBnb, Apple, Bell Canada, Coca-Cola, Entel Chile S.A., Health Canada, Michelin, Desigual, France Telecom (Orange), Ebay, the government of Guinea, BNP Paribas, and Airbus Industrie.

My relationship with the French and Spanish languages runs deep. I have spent several months living in France, and worked extensively in French as part of my doctoral research. I have spoken Spanish since age 12, traveled extensively in Mexico, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Chile, and Spain, and have lived and worked for a cumulative two years in Chile and Mexico. I read regularly for pleasure in both French and Spanish, both in order to enjoy news and literature in their original form, and to improve my translation skills.

Excellence is an important value for me, as are reliability and professionalism. This means prompt and careful responses to inquiries and feedback, attention to the varying needs of clients, and a willingness to spend the time and energy required for a top-level translation, even when it takes more than expected. Finally, I value friendliness and amiability: a little positivity and fun in the screen- and email-heavy, wired world of international translation. Language, in the end, is a tool to communicate with people.

I look forward to working with you soon.